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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Hmmm I seem to remember inconsitant ship abilites all throught TOS, why should a Nu/TOS film be any diffrent?

Sensors allways worked at warp on TOS, I could site numerous examples.

I love Trek ,and TOS, but let's be honest TOS and Trek have not been overly consitant about warp speed, sensors abilites, sheild capabilites. Why should this film?

Trek's Warp speed and SW's Hyperspace are two mutally exclusive things. Your comparing apples and organes with this one.

It was an emergency situation, as TJ said, it is reasobale to assume that the comm channel and sensors were jammed with interference. So I would assume they used best guess, makes sense. they didn't have the time to drop out of warp outside the system, then plod along at impulse..
Come on Z, you can do better than this. Of course TOS was inconsistent with almost everything that came after it. Nobody (writers) expected fans to remember things like ship specs or whether or not you can transport while the shields are up. By the time TNG came around the producers and writers KNEW they had a fan based that DID care about details like that. That is why later incarnations of Trek did their best to be more consistent. Of course those attempts were not always successful, but at least there a many things us fans knew to be true or not true and expected an explanation when the script strayed from those "knowns".

I agree that sensors DO work while at warp, so I assume the ships were blinded by jamming. Who said they should have dropped out of warp outside the system, then "plod" into the battle? Why not drop out of warp within 5-10 seconds of being able to reach your destination at impulse?

Apples to oranges? Maybe. I simply believe the scene in Star Wars made more sense than this scene in NuTrek because of what I know about Trek. I know the different universe is always used to explain away all these differences, but I only see that as more reason to not give a damn about this universe. Next movie we may get ANOTHER universe. That will be great, aach new show or movie should be in a NEW universe so as to keep things exciting and NEW! We'll never know if you can beam through shields in this universe or that or if warp 9 is TNG warp 9 or based on TOS warp that goes all the way up to, what was it... 14? It will keep us on our toes! It'll be great!
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