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Originally Posted by MrQ1701 View Post
Your on a Trek forum and you are calling personal taste a weak argument? I never said my liking of past Trek effects was NOT based on personal likes and dislikes. We all have different tastes. Some like the 1701-D better than the 1701-E. I don't care if some Trek fan blabs off all the tech manual specs regarding why he/she likes one over the other, it is still a personal choice. Same goes for TNG transporter effect versus VOY transporter effect. They are different, yet similar. I like the VOY effect better because of the way it starts at "center mass" and then goes outward to cover the entire body/item. Again, personal taste.

You don't find a TOS reboot to be nostalgic? The entire damn movie is nostalgia.
Yet apparently not nostolgic enough for you.
As an "Elitist Trek" fan as you call yourself, complaints just seem moot.
And that's my point.
You can rave to the heavens ceaselessly, it it'd still be moot.
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