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Originally Posted by Vincent Cain View Post
You're right; you saw new takes on those effects; you're arguing over personal nostolgia which unfortunately I find, is weak at best.
Your on a Trek forum and you are calling personal taste a weak argument? I never said my liking of past Trek effects was NOT based on personal likes and dislikes. We all have different tastes. Some like the 1701-D better than the 1701-E. I don't care if some Trek fan blabs off all the tech manual specs regarding why he/she likes one over the other, it is still a personal choice. Same goes for TNG transporter effect versus VOY transporter effect. They are different, yet similar. I like the VOY effect better because of the way it starts at "center mass" and then goes outward to cover the entire body/item. Again, personal taste.

You don't find a TOS reboot to be nostalgic? The entire damn movie is nostalgia.
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