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Originally Posted by Vincent Cain View Post

And what would they do from a distance?
Sit in the briefing room ala' TNG, while Vulcan is still under attack?
Dropping out of warp at a distance gives you an opportunity to see what the situation is and does NOT mean remaining at a distance. Are you really defending the idiotic idea that is is better to drop out of warp directly in an area where you know NOTHING? Please, even dropping out of warp within a few seconds of your destination (at impulse) is FAR better than dropping out directly in the middle of a clusterf**k. All I saw was a weak attempt at recreating the scene in Star Wars where the MF drops out of hyperspace directly in a debris field. Either way you look at it, sensors do not work while at warp or sensors were being jammed, it makes no sense to not give yourself a few seconds to see what the hell you are walking into. In SW the scene worked fine because they fly blind while in hyperspace and they did not expect a debris field where a planet should have been. In NuTrek it was just plain stupid... stupid for elitest Trek fans like myself.
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