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Originally Posted by _Eris_ View Post

That's one of the reason's I hardly come here anymore.
People here are depressing and too nitpicky, or whiny, or thinks they
are an expert about everything.

The one person I was able to talk to the most, and look forward to
seeing here, has left this place for the same reasons.
I hear you Eris. It seems lately when I get into discussions, it's no longer a discussion but a constant fight to defend your point of view, which to me is uninteresting so I've backed off of posting. Nothing like throwing your opinion out there and then getting preached at to turn you off of posting. Still some interesting discussion going on in many of the threads but a good deal of it has gone negative.

From what I've read from other posts, it seems is worse. I've never been much into this posting/forum thing, just joined this cause I'm fired up about this movie! For the most part, some really interesting, thought provoking debate going on, which is always good, but lately, as Zardoz said, things seem to be getting more negative.

"Death, delicious strawberry flavored death!"

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