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Originally Posted by Vincent Cain View Post
I agree the nacelles could have been a shwee smaller.
But as for the idea of the effects being more like past films?
No....that's just a step backward for personal nostolgia's sake, when the film has to compete with other sci-fi properties on the market.
Thrumming warp core we may yet get.
And not once did I get a Star Wars vibe, actually.
This came across as something completely different.
A step backward? In all incarnations the effects were slightly different, but similar in a way you could see the progression. If you are speaking of Nostalgia, then why the hell did they choose to do a TOS reboot? That's nostalgic on it's own. I am in NO way saying the effects should have been directly ported from past Trek variations, but at least keep some similarity. I didn't see the "warp" stretching effect, I didn't see a Trek transporter effect, and on and on. O f course I expected something new and different, but not COMPLETELY different. The story has way too many things that were stupid so I won't even start on that road.
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