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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
That's true for any franchise movie.
I don't believe that ST09 would have been less successful if Kirk had bedded a real, seductive Orion and not that dumb, green frat girl.
I neither believe that it would have been with decent Klingons instead of rastafaris with helmets.

Unless, some marketing guy from Paramount told them to dumb down the movie to the lowest common denominator ...
In all fairness Horatio, theose pics were in a make up chair, and the make up was obviously unfinshed. The scarf was just holding back the wig. We really have no idea what the final product looks like.

The helmets may have been clan affiliation, or an afectation for THAT Klingon. We've seen things like it before.

Yes, but to make this film finacially viable, they had to do that. Not that I agree with all of it by any measure. But I understand why.
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