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Originally Posted by RedShirtWalking View Post
Well, he's more than just "producer," isn't he? If it weren't for him creating the thing, we wouldn't have it.'s how I kind of see it with Roddenberry.

Yes, the initial idea and characters were all Roddenberry's--that's undeniable and no one can take that away from him. But a lot of other early aspects of TOS were the result of the writers and other producers he assembled or were assembled around him. A great many concepts were the invention of Gene L. Coon (and others), but as they were working for Roddenberry (essentially), he gets most of the credit for things he may have only been slightly involved in. That happens all the time. George Lucas does it too. Other people come up with ideas and he signs off on it if he likes it, and people generally think he created it all when he actually didn't.

This by no means takes anything away from Roddenberry--he'll forever be the Great Bird of the Galaxy in my book--but he's role as a [executive] producer is important too. A good producer knows how to assemble a good team of fellow creators to work with, IMO, to create his vision.

The same thing can be said for Berman, Moore, Coto, and perhaps even Abrams eventually...
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