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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Debate is part of what goes on, but it's not all of it.

Eris, you seem intelligent and well read in the posts I have seen.

Sometimes it is about acknowleging soemone's point, even if you don't agree. You'll see it in mine alot. "Yes, Blah blah, you make a good point, but I feel..."

Trek is pretty emotional for some fans. Others use it as way to project what they feel inside.

Bring and take away from this what YOU want. But please don't just go away.
Yea, I like how you state your opinions, instead of straight out disagreeing, you let him/her know you understand why that person would feel that way.

And I know I've come off as rude in a few recent posts over there, but it's just the way the thread was flowing that sorta 'put me in that mood'

I may not frequent this place as much as the other two boards I visit, but I can't really see myself just 'going away' unless every topic became a heated discussion .
Besides, if this place stays online for years, it'd be nice to be considered an 'elder'

"It might not be so bad. For all we know the Vorta could be gluttonous, alcoholic sex maniacs."
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