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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Actually ST09 made quite a lot of money. Perhaps not as much as TMP or TVH if you take inflation into account and perhaps the rate of return was lower than that of other Trek movies, but it surely was not a financial failure.
It does nut hurt to check the facts before you post something.
In terms of attendance and box office it's the most successful of them all - but, to be fair, the poorer international grosses and heavy marketing costs might make the film technically less profitable than one might immediately assume from the gross revenue in the long run. However, it also remains highly rated critically across a wide range of review sources, from long time Star Trek fans to those with little knowledge.

The film is indeed far from an outright failure.

However, there is never such a thing as complete agreement and a lot of the criticisms of the film have a valid basis. However, they can be dealt with in much the same way that flaws in the rest of the Star Trek universe can be dealt with.

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