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Originally Posted by Integritas View Post
Outstanding! I completely agree.

Parallel Universes, while RARELY used in Star Trek, are always used as a storyline for contrast and comparison ONLY. TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" is an excellent example, and the episode ended with the moralistic realisation of "It is easier for a civilized man to appear barbaric than for a barbarian to appear civilized".

Excuse me for being a rabid capitalist, but the last movie has utterly failed to generate the (highly profitable) fan following that TOS did. It failed to generate any significant post-movie buzz whatsoever. And licensing deals for the movie's new characters have fell through. It's a clear failure of branding.
Actually ST09 made quite a lot of money. Perhaps not as much as TMP or TVH if you take inflation into account and perhaps the rate of return was lower than that of other Trek movies, but it surely was not a financial failure.
It does nut hurt to check the facts before you post something.
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