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I have collector's plates from the Hamilton Collection hanging in my room along with a few posters, used to have 2-3 shelves of models I built, had a ton of t-shirts, dressed up in my TNG uniform til I outgrew it for Haloween, collected the comic books (now down to just the full story-lines ones), have all the episodes and movies on DVD (even fall into the trap of rebuying the new editions as they come out), as well as the 25th and 30th anniversary TV specials on VHS and the first convention with Nimoy and Shatner together on stage for the first time together, have the soundtracks that were put out for the tv series and movies, have a borg piggy-bank, and finally a TON of books (around 200 or so I bet). If thats not geeekiness I don't know what is hehe and I'm only 26!
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