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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
As you have already pointed out, scripts and characters traits have been integrated into later Trek. I think it is hard to imagine how successful it would have been, but I doubt that it would have worked as well as TOS or the movies without Spock.
TNG seemed to work quite fine without Spock...

For the most part, Star Trek: Phase II was as much the precursor to TNG as it was to TMP (Gene Roddenberry--you ain't foolin' nobody!). As already mentioned, Ilia essentially became Troi, but also from the early draft notes of the series, you would have had "Commander Will Decker" (who later became Commander Will Riker), and the "Xon" character would have been pretty much Data--a person without emotions looking to embrace them. Of course, you would have McCoy and Scotty in their familar roles, but Kirk might have been depicted as the more seasoned veteran in comparison to the younger and more ambitious Decker, IMO...
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