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What's up with you dude. I have a feeling that you started this thread to get a rise out of me. You know you and I have had words. If so, it ain't gonna work. I didn't hate the movie. I actually liked the movie itself. It was quite entertaining. But based upon what I personally feel is Star Trek, it didn't work. It worked fine as an entertaining action/adventure/sci-fi summer popcorn flick, just not as a Star Trek movie as I would have envisioned it. Too many liberties were taken with the original continuity for my tastes. The Abramsprise is fugly. Engineering looks like something out of the 19th century. The iBridge is too bright. Spock/Uhura? I'd rather forget that part altogether. But for the entertainment factor the movie gets a thumbs up. For the "honoring and respecting" TOS? Multiple thumbs down, in my humble personal opinion, of course.
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