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Oh, I happen to love The Final Frontier...It has the best character moments of all the movies and is really, really funny....right before the 6th movie came out one of the movie theaters had a marathon ("sit long and prosper"---you got a shirt with your ticket) of all the 5 movies...and people were making a load of jokes about how horrible 5 while we were waiting for it to get started. Finally I stood up, faced the audience (I sit in the front rows) and said "You wait! By the end of this day you will welcome the fifth movie! You'll need a good laugh after sitting in these seats for 8 hours and there is only one movie on this list that will give you that!" But, I do understand that some people really despise it and I've found it's the movie people remember least (probably due to having seen it least).

Angryibanezguy, is that from either Wiki or TrekWiki? If so, both are fan edit sites. However, there being a command track supports my belief that Spock and Kirk weren't at the Academy at the same time....the argument was being made that maybe they became friends when Spock returned to take the Command Course...what you've posted says that Command is taught from the begining, not as a refresher years into service.

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