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Originally Posted by Zardoz View Post
Dtroi!! How the heck have you been??!!
Hi!!! Yeah I'm back now that the crunch to get this movie submitted is done. Things have been really crazy busy. I got laid-off on the last day of July from that 9-5 internet/web job. In a way its a good thing... its not the job of my dreams... it was supposed to be a side thing until I got a job in the field I wanted to work in. I was stuck in it for over 2 years... lucky for me.. that means I get to collect unemployment as I'm looking for more work! I've got things going on... I moved in August... got my own little place. I still teach drawing on Sundays... started it up again this last Sunday. Got that indie film to finish and get the last payment for... I'm picking up little projects here and there. I just finished doing touch up for someone's website. Getting myself more active on the whole social/job networking thing. Got stuff to go to tomorrow.. Sunday... today is my relax day...
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