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Exclamation Rugal's back! in "Never-Ending Sacrifice"

I just picked up the new Deep Space Nine novel The Never-Ending Sacrifice by Uma McCormick, and I've got to say that I've been laying on the bed for the past several hours reading it. Right now I'm up to page 64. It's a great read and I am already interested as to what happens next. I'm only on chapter three, haha!

The novel basically picks up with Rugal and his hard times growing up as a Cardassian who thinks he is a Bajoran. He was brought up to hate his own people. This is what happens in the episode "Cardassians". Here's some more information of Rugal here. I recommend you check out this book! Even though I'm still reading it, it's interesting and takes you off the space station and into the personal life of a minor character. So, instead of being in the perspective of Starfleet, we are now in the perspective of Cardassia and Bajor.

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