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Not quite a "beef", but.......


Okay so one of the human characters turns X number of Earth years and even though they're far away from Earth, they celebrate. Acceptable.

But for example, we learn in DS9's Emissary that Julian is 27 and Jadzia is 28. (and later from somewhere that Kira is 26) Fine. But just thinking about it, Trills and Bajorans wouldn't count their ages in human years, would they? So ok we can assume that Jadzia is older than Julian by a year but why would she measure it in the same way?

And we also learn in some cases that Mr. Joe Bloggs-Vulcan is one hundred and something. Is this the same or even similar to what a hundred and something human would be??

And what about someone living on a moon? Or on a different planet in the same system?? Just something to wonder about.
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