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Heres proof there was a seperate track for command officers

The Kobayashi Maru scenario was an infamous no-win scenario that was part of the curriculum for command-track cadets at Starfleet Academy in the 23rd century. It was primarily used to assess a cadet's discipline, character, and command capabilities when facing an impossible situation.

(There is nothing to say you couldent take the course later on)

And here is where im Possibly proved wrong in my surmise (hey, at least i can admit im wrong)

In the 2250s, James T. Kirk became the first (and only known) cadet to ever beat the no-win scenario. After taking the test and failing twice, Kirk took the test a third time after surreptitiously reprogramming the computer to make it possible to win the scenario.
Kirk got a commendation for "original thinking", and later commented wistfully that his stunt "had the virtue of never having been tried." Kirk would later defend his "cheating" by arguing that he didn't believe in the no-win scenario. Ironically, Kirk also defended the test itself by suggesting "how we face death is at least as important as how we face life".

But no matter, there still is a command test, it just doesnt have to be given at the academy anymore, if you skip it, you can retake it, just like coarse at college.
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