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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
Originally Posted by Commodore
If anything, I think what they've done is once again make the final frontier a little less safe, more rough n' tumble, and less perfect than it was before. There's no telling what will happen now in the fourth quarter of the 24th-Century...
Essentially, taking us back to the TOS era. Full Circle.
That was the intention, if only to put the Federation on almost equal footing with other galactic governments again and make space a bit more untamed again. Next year's big event--the Typhon Pact--deals with the rise of a new interplanetary alliance to take advantage of the Federation's weakened political and economic position in the Galaxy in the post-Borg era.

With close to half of Starfleet wiped out during the Borg Holocaust, the Federation will have a hard time trying to hold on as the dominant superpower...
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