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Default Cut-Away USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Model

Hi everybody! I would like to know if anyone here has ever put together a cut-away TOS Enterprise model. I recently got one from a friend of mine and put it together with the help of my son. Unfortunately, I left it in the car one day because my son wanted me to bring it to school to show his friends, and it melted. I mean seriously warped and melted. So I found another one on Ebay and bought it. I just got it yesterday and started prepping it for assembly. What I'm wondering is if anyone has any pictures of their models. Either fully assembled or in the process. I'll be taking pictures of mine as I move along and posting them here. Also, any tips and/or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here are some pictures of my old one (the one that melted). I plan to make the new one look even better, with more detail. I put that one together rather quickly. Only took me a few days.

SDC12191.jpgCopy of SDC12177.JPGSDC12181.jpgSDC12222.jpg

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