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Default The Fourth Season - A Critical Perspective

I guess that all Trekkers (including me) consider ENT's last year the best. I wanna play devil's advocate for a moment.
Nearly all of the stories are plot- and not character-driven and many repeat previous TOS stories or add something new to them, be it Augments, Organians, smooth and crunchy Klingons or Orions.

Would such a lack of character moments and development have been possible in an earlier season?

Storm Front - ending the arc from the previous season
Home - great character moments
Borderland, Cold Station 12, The Augments - fan wank
The Forge, Awakening, Kir'Shara - great, continuing the Vulcan arc
Daedalus - forgetable
Observer Effect - fanwank
Babel One, United, The Aenar - great, laying the foundation for the Earth-Romulan War and thus the forming of the Federation
Affliction, Divergence - fanwank
Bound - fanwank
In a Mirror, Darkly - fanwank
Demons, Terra Prime - nice finale
These Are the Voyages - better to be ignored

That makes (from the perspective I assumed for argument's sake) 9/22 good episodes.
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