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Originally Posted by thanis View Post
Thus the greatest flaw of TNG. Patrick Stewart sounded English not French. Maybe the universial translator was messed up.
Actually, Patrick Stewart originally performed the voice of Picard with a french accent at his audition, but Roddenberry preferred him to speak in his native british accent because he liked it better. Boy, talk about retarded! LOL!

Originally Posted by thanis View Post
So while I may prefer TNG, I may have to tip my hat to DS9, as it continued the universe when TNG was running dry (helping projects like TNG movies, VOY, and ENT).
Yes, DS9 was by far the best Trek of all, but unfortunately, the characters were never iconic unlike TOS cast. Ditto for TNG. But here's hoping that once the new TOS cast passes the baton to the new TNG crew, the writers will have an opportunity to flesh them out more and make them iconic as well.
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