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Originally Posted by Saquist View Post
You know what I would like to see in this movie?
Federation Worlds
Federation Planets
Federation Cities.

In other movies even....*sigh* Starwars even
we see entire societies and cityscapes and interact with the enviroment.
Trek is so "set oriented. I want to see architecture and I wanna see Vulcan like it was in the Voyage Home...

I want to navigate and see the modern side of ...New York and Chicago and Houston. I want to see the surface of Andor and visit a mountain on Alpha Centauri. We've always been in orbit, always on a starship or a specifice enclosed locatioin on a planet...

But we neveer get to really interact with the civilization in OUTDOOR way...we don't travel about

That's something I want to change.
Hadn't stopped to think about it, maybe because I'm so used to Trek being on the ship or inside a building, etc. Something showing that this IS an advanced, populated world would definitely make the Trek universe look like more than just Starfleet. Hope it happens.
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