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I'm part Scottish
I live in Edinburgh every now and again, other times in London, other times in Vienna... And so on and so forth. I'm partially at home in Blackpool too lol I'm at home everywhere in Europe. I'm a Scottish-European Allrounder you could say.

I'm happy with Pegg. Completely happy. It doesn't matter where he's coming from. He's got the right feel and he's got the warmth that Scotty exudes.

As far as his accent is concerned. There are so many different Scottish accents and most Scots really don't sound as nice as Doohan used to sound. His burr was unique. I wouldn't call it unauthentic it was just so much nicer than what Scots usually speak, lovely.

So, in my opinion, Simon should do whatever accent he thinks sounds best and as long as he does it sounding good and feeling good, I'll be perfectly content.

I couldn't do it. I use the slang, the Scots words but my intonation is so monoton that most people think I'm from Northern Ireland, Canada, Southern Africa or New Zealand
LOL So I'm part Scottish and Pegg is definitely going to sound more authentic than me! Funny, eh.

I like him an awful lot and find him inspiring.
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