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Default What lessons can Star Trek XI learn from other science fiction films?

The important sci-fi films that have been released since TOS was a series, like 2001: A Space Oddessy, Silent Running, Alien, Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, The Black Hole, Terminator, Independence Day, and others. What can Star Trek learn to do, and not to do from their failures and successes? Should it take any cues from them at all? Should it shun any particular paths that they took? What pitfalls should it watch out for? All i can say, is that it should avoid the Jar-Jar factor. People REALLY didn't take kindly to ridiculous slapstick clowns in space. But some of those other films had merits. They took chances showing things at the same time shocking and controversial, and yet few were lauded for all their risk taking. Should Star Trek XI be a pioneer film not only about going where no man has gone before, but showing it as well, or should it remain on familiar and safe ground without taking artistic and cinematic risks? Is this the kind of film that needs to take those risks, or just remain simple, enjoyable family entertainment?
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