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I'll be perfectly, brutally honest with you. I haven't read every reply to this thread. But i do have an opinion. Ships in those days weren't Galaxy class comfortable. No holodecks, no 10 forward. A crews lounge, an arboretum, a bowling alley and probably not a whole lot of other amenities. Most booze was probably drank on shore leave. The crew probably wasn't even allowed to consume it on board. Life aboard the NCC-1701 was not for panzies. Most of the crew had dour, boring, and very spartan quarters. The captain had only slightly better. Spock was the luckiest of the bunch, because being a vulcan, at least his ugly quarters were kept pretty dark most of the time. That's the way the quarters should be. Nothing fancy, just enough to get by on, and most quarters for lieutenants and below were doubtlessly shared, maybe by as many as four or five people. Considering there were 430 people aboard a ship 947 feet long that also contained engineering, command, weapons, science and medical stations, not to mention a huge hangar bay and computer core, i don't see them living like Liberace.
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