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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I also sometimes fall asleep in the theatre. It's no shame to admit it.

But seriously, you can't have missed how Spock and Kirk slowly start to become friends, that's all the movie was about.
One could complain that McCoy did not get a lot of screentime and that he had only one scene with Spock, but he did not have much more in previous Trek movies either. I doubt that it was possible to squeeze a third friendship (Kirk-Spock and Kirk-Bones were covered) into one movie.
The beginning to the Kirk-Bones friendship was clear, as it was apparant when Bones "snuck" Kirk onto the Enterprise. As for Kirk-Spock, I feel that the movie left them at the starting point of their friendship: as persons realizing that fate had put them together for a bigger purpose. There will be other adventures to further develop/mature their bond, as well the Bones-Spock friendship.
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