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Originally Posted by angryibanezguy View Post
I would think since star trek is based of our modern millitary,there would be some sort of command course, Deanna had to take a course to attain the rank of leutennant commander, and since there were no holodecks to train people in in the 23rd century (at least in the kirk era) they would presumibly have to take the training somewhere else, now we know that he was leutennant on the farragut, so at some point after hte farrigut he took the training afterwards, and since we also know in the time of pike somewhere spock took the training too, thus he became 2nd officer, so one could surmise they took the training at starfleet academy (where the starship simulators were)
so tehy could increase in rank
Deanna took the test to become a bridge officer, to allow her to command a ship, she got a promotion to full commander once she passed. Kirk was already a bridge officer cos his first assignment was as a navigator on the Farragut, so he wouldn't have needed to take that test.

And seeing as Captain Sisko was able to make Worf his first officer on the Defiant without Worf going off for training, we can safely assume no further command training is needed for bridge officers. Bridge officers must learn all that they need for command at the academy.
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