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Originally Posted by Knight View Post
Just watched the SG:Atlantis season 4 finale on Sky 1 last night (UK) and to say im dissapointed would be a major understatement. I wont spoil it for anyone who hasnt yet seen it but compared to any of the cliffhangers of the previous 3 seasons this does not have me waiting anxiously for Season 5.

Yeah, it was a bit of a let down compared to season 3 and the first two as well. In fact the whole season was much slower than the previous three. I thought the conclusion to the third season was one of the best cliffhangers in all of stargate. I couldn't wait to see where they went with season 4 but unfortunately they didn't go that far. Maybe season 5 will get the show back on track. I don't think it was by any means bad, it's just kinda disappointing when a show is on fire, as Atlantis was in season 3, and then it loses that fire.

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