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I loved this Movie more than I can put into words(but I'll try). I love that they nailed the essence of the Characters...that all the Actors were note perfect on playing their parts...otherwise they would have lost me...and it wouldn't have felt like my Star Trek, that I grew up with...BUT IT DID!!!

I love the amount of research the Writers did to make sure it was done right! I LOVE all the references from past Star Trek Movies(and TV Episodes), that made me feel like I had come Home. I loved that they got Nimoy to play Spock again, and feel his role was crucial to the storyline...and really helped to bridge the gap.

My only hope now is, that they keep the same Writers & J.J.Abrams for MANY more years to come! They accomplished what seemed impossible...and won over "old school" Trek Fans like Me...and THAT...was no easy task.
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