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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I disagree. Throughout all off TNG, the helm did not seem like a very demanding bridge position (Geordi, Wesley, all those ensigns). Unlike in the other series which featured Sulu, Paris and Mayweather, piloting never seemed like a specialty but rather like something every officer aboard could do.
Troi just fits in there, a basic Academy course suffices to pilot the ship, and GEN showed that this comes in handy in emergencies.
Yeah all crewmen are capable of manning the helm. Yeoman Rand and Uhura have done so in an emergency too.

I take issue with the scene in Insurrection where the Romulan officer offers herself to Shinzon on a plate. She clearly has no feelings for him, it is an embarassing way of demeaning an otherwise efficient military character, and it in no way adds anything to Shinzon's character.
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