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Greg Cox's Eugenics Wars novels found a tidy solution to the problem of the 1990s: the Eugenics Wars 'actually' happened, but no-one knew it at the time. Sure, we all saw the wars and knew which nations were fighting which other nations, and we knew which countries were riven by internal strife - but no-one knew that the strings were actually being pulled by the genetically-engineered superhumans. They were fighting against the rest of humanity, and against each other, and were completely willing to work from the shadows, using innocent populations as tools in their struggles. In that version of history, they had access to the fruits of their superior intellects - technology and such - which was denied to the rest of the world, but also had to contend with Gary Seven who, despite being a little older, was still hard at work protecting humanity from itself. At the end of the story, the survivng superhumans are given the option of fleeing aboard the Botany Bay, which is secretly under construction in New Mexico - and is based on reverse-engineered technology from a certain Ferengi shuttle that visited in 1947.

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