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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
Four hours of footage was shot of Kirk and Dr. Taylor in the pizza parlor during the filming of Star Trek IV: Save the Whales.

In order to release a more sensitive, Trek fanboy friendly film, Paramount has decided to get some editors back into the studio, and cut those four hours down to a movie of 1hr. and 50 minutes.

It will contain a nice dinner conversation, and some hamhanded discussions of moralityand universal politics (much like the dinner scene in Undiscovered Country, only more romantically tinged), all done at the pizza parlor in question.

The movie's title: Star Trek XII: All We Are Saying Is Give Pizza Chance

Good one!

He could have made a pitch that in the future there are only Taco Bells!

I remember the part where Kirk takes a drink of hte beer he is served and there seems to be some sort of a reaction in his expression after taking a sip of it. I never understood if it was because it may have been that good because in TOS movie timeline, beer could have really been bad because of synthohol substitutes or whether it could have been that bad. Couldn't call that one. Anybody else catch that moment?
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