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Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
All of the dates we are familliar with could easily be skewed to correct the lag in events. No progressive manned planetary space program, no WWIII (yet), no Khan-person (yet). I see the key to most of this is in relation to our perceived sequence of important events in ST is that there is a resumption of some serious human spaceflight in our "reality" and hopefully no WWIII or Khan happening to slow things down. Then we will start to see some approach to the bigger picture of Star Trek.
Yep, watching an episode like Space Seed takes on a lot more weight if you look at these things as yet to come. The Eugenics wars must have been horrific, an entire restructuring of world power, millions of deaths. A look at things to come? Probably not, but the story takes on more weight that way.

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