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I disagree. Throughout all off TNG, the helm did not seem like a very demanding bridge position (Geordi, Wesley, all those ensigns). Unlike in the other series which featured Sulu, Paris and Mayweather, piloting never seemed like a specialty but rather like something every officer aboard could do.
Troi just fits in there, a basic Academy course suffices to pilot the ship, and GEN showed that this comes in handy in emergencies.

The plot of STXI also resembles a typical goofy TOS episode. The search for god is perhaps not as good as e.g. accidentally meeting Greek gods like in "Who Mourns for Adonais?" but I consider the idea still to be fine.

I know that I am probably the only living Trekkie who loves INS, but the Sona and Baku were interesting IMO. It was a typical Shakespearean pattern, a private conflict among a small people gets interwoven with a larger political conflict. I could not care less about superficialities like the Sona makeup.
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