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Arrow Most pointless and baffling aspects of the Trek films

Troi driving the Enterprise. One of the main problems with the TNG films; too many characters with nothing to do. Why does the ship's counselar get to helm what, the most valuable Federation starship asset? Character development, my ***. This is also the Batazed who gets the character development of getting mind-raped for a plot element in Nemesis that felt shoehorned on.

"God". Take it or leave it, Star Trek V may have been a favourable for some Kirk/Spock/McCoy love, but the plot (and special effects) resembles a bad TOS episode.

The plastic surgery bad guys from Insurrection. What the hell? No seriously, what the hell was that all about? Maybe an allegory to Hollywood's obsession with staying young, but it sure as heck wasn't Star Trek. Insurrection's main idea about a conspiracy inside Starfleet and a forced re-location is actually a pretty good movie treatment. Unfortunately this is probably the weirdest film enemy the Trek crew have ever had. I've never felt uncomfortable or weird watching Star Trek until the enemies in Insurrection got some screen time.

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