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Originally Posted by JoeFromEarth View Post
Originally Posted by kevin
And what would happen if a planet 'within' Federation space reached warp flight and decided they didn't want to be associated or involved with the Federation.
and what if they wanted to trade with someone the Federation isn't too friendly with, such as Romulans?
The thing about the Federation is that each member world still retains its original planetary government. That would likely also apply to non-member worlds that happen to fall within Federation territory as well. Such worlds would be allowed to conduct trade operations with other governments, but ships from recognized hostile states such as the Romulans would not be allowed to enter Federation space.

If a non-member world wanted to trade with the Romulans, they would have to go to Romulans themselves with the knowledge that their ships would likely be intercepted by Federation customs or Starfleet on their return. Sure, those non-Federation worlds could (and probably do) balk at the idea of having their ships continually stopped and searched for contraband, but that's the price they pay for transporting goods through Federation space.
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