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Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
Was that the episode where the corpses were talking about how they were murdered? That was strange, but it was a well written premise.

Maybe if they do start a series, he could direct some episodes.

I wish one of the pay channels...HBO, Showtime could pick up on a future ST series, much like StarGate was.
He he, that reminds me of an 'alternative DS9 universe/series' I made up for a thread on Trek BBS... Actually, another poster the idea what DS9 would be like if it was "Star Trek: Terok Nor" with the station still controlled by Cardassians. I liked the idea and expanded on it, imagining what it would be like if "Terok Nor" was a dark and gritty HBO or Showtime drama (darker and grittier than Battlestar Galactica!) about Cardassian-run station during the occupation of Bajor, with a lot of explicit sex and violence and much more moral ambiguity - yeah, DS9 had it, but I mean, to a much higher extent - in the vein of "The Sopranos" or "The Shield".

New acclaimed HBO drama: Terok Nor

I think I am going to make a YT video with the credits, I already have found the music, I just meed to "cast" Dukat's wife and Tora Naprem. Oh, and I'm also adding the Bajoran black marketeer from "A Man Alone" to the list of regular characters.
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