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Originally Posted by JoeFromEarth View Post
are in Federation space?

there has to be plenty, as there probably many non-warp civilizations.

also, are there any non federation territories completely enveloped by the federation?
Clever question!

There is one thing I allways deemed strange, when it comes to Sci-Fi alike Star Trek (TV-Shows, Movies, Books, Computer Games, RPGs, etc.): Star empires are allways depicted like nation states with a cohesive astrographic space. Allways feels naive to me.

If we think about star empires, then we must envision something more alike the naval empire of the UK or colonial empires in general. Many points of interest scattered all over a star map.

For instance the whole idea of a neutral zone seperating star empires from eachother is rather funny, I think. I find it much more believable when we would see confusing chaotic star maps clustered with systems affiliated with the different empires and independent systems in between.

But then again, occasionally, Star Trek does feel alittle like this, when there are species and political powers you have never heard of before and never hear from again, who are not members or allies of the Federation: Gorns, Tholians, Sona and Baku, Orions, etc. On screen it doesnt feel as if these are far away from earth. Its just those folks who make those star maps, who feel the need to give us star empires with a cohesive territory.

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