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Originally Posted by Lady Vaako View Post
In all fairness, I guess he probably could do ST but he would have to tone down his usual style considerably. Now that I remember, I've actually watched an episode of CSI that he had directed a while back and it wasn't so bad, it was just freaky. There wasn't any more violence than in a normal episode, just weird scenes involving some of the main characters having strange daydreams involving corpses on the autopsy table... Now the question would be: "Is there room in a ST movie for some really freaky stuff?" I'm not so sure...
Was that the episode where the corpses were talking about how they were murdered? That was strange, but it was a well written premise.

Maybe if they do start a series, he could direct some episodes.

I wish one of the pay channels...HBO, Showtime could pick up on a future ST series, much like StarGate was.
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