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Originally Posted by Futureguy View Post
Actually, except for when two...three people get killed, which even then is much less than what one would see in most movies, the rest of the movie is more of a suspense-style mystery and is quite unlike his other movies. Dialogue driven, I guess one would say. Jackie Brown is a good movie.
Now Pulp Fiction is more to what you were describing and would be quite the violence you describe. Not good for a ST movie.
In all fairness, I guess he probably could do ST but he would have to tone down his usual style considerably. Now that I remember, I've actually watched an episode of CSI that he had directed a while back and it wasn't so bad, it was just freaky. There wasn't any more violence than in a normal episode, just weird scenes involving some of the main characters having strange daydreams involving corpses on the autopsy table... Now the question would be: "Is there room in a ST movie for some really freaky stuff?" I'm not so sure...
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