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Default "Really Alternate" Star Trek by Quentin Tarintino

A while back I posted a thought/questionabout what a ST movie by QT would be like. I was watching "Jackie Brown" today and though much of that cast could play a middle aged version of our favorite crew. What do you think? I took some liberties with assigning some roles.

Pam Grier playing Jackie Brown in the role of Uhura.

Samuel L. Jackson playing Ordell Robbie in the role of a villian/Klingon.

Robert Foster playing Max Cherry as Kirk.

Bridget Fonda playing Melanie "Surfer Girl" Ralston in the role of Rand.

Michael Keaton playing Ray Nicolette in the role of Spock.

Robert De Niro playing Louis Gara in the role of Scotty.

Chris Tucker playing Beaumont Livingston in the role of "Red Shirt".

Tommy "Tiny" Lister playing Winston in the role of "CupCake".

Sid Haig in a serious, non-comedic portrayal of HC Mudd.

Denise Crosby- who I did not realize was in the movie, in the role of a female "Checkov".

Quentin Tarantino in the role of "Bones"

I am just starting to mentally form some dialogue that this "crew" would have!
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