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Default Review of Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Q

Only as a warning before reading on, I'll note that the below does contain non-specific information that could be "spoiler-ish."

Well, Q is one of my favorite characters. For that reason, I did something I've never done before, and ordered a comic from Amazon. It was not expensive at all, but to tell the truth I kind of wish I'd saved my money. My review is this in short: It's not bad, but it's not great. The story will bring you to an introduction, to the story's progression, and then it rapidly fizzles away without having really developed to it's potential. It seemed rather cheap, really.

This will be another good collectors item in my Star Trek box, but the story itself is lacking much to be desired. It's anatomy takes the reader to an introduction to Q's intentions, to Q's action to follow through on those intentions, only to discover that he "steps in it", and needs Picard to come save the day. It's another one of those "oh, look at how much we mortals have to teach you" plot types and while that would certainly work in regard to Q, however the plot's point comes off as being blandly paraded without Q ever really having had any adversities fit for his character, or for the story itself.

If you like to collect comics, then this is certainly not a waste of money. If you buy comics to read for the benefit of entertainment from a good story though, I am sorry to say I cannot recommend this item for purchase.
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