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Originally Posted by Andrew86 View Post
I have found most Trek fans enlightened enough to have no problem with gay people or gay relationships. It's the whole "infinite diversity", respect for others and equality that is so important to Star Trek, and this tends to be represented in most Trek fans in my experience.
This isn't really about enlightened.
It's about morality. People have different moraly...

As I'm typing I'm watching...Will and Grace on's funny. I like the situational comedy. Would i let the kids watch it? NO
because eventually there going to cross over from addressing the life style to enacting the life style.

The soon we realize that there are different moral perspecitve the better off we'll be. I don't have a problem with Gay/'s not my life...Right?

But we're talking TV and entertainment...SEX is a large part of it and eventually the end result is gay loves scenes.

opposite sex love scenes are awkard enough
how much more so for same sex to those who view it as wrong?

Why alienate so many people.