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Sometimes I think we can be so consumed by these issues that it takes a life of it's own. But we're talking about sex. And we're talking about a pg-13 movie. The idea behind these is that commonly kids can watch it with out asking certain very difficult questions that really needs to be in the hands of the parent to address.

This is entertainment. Certain real life issues really needs to steer clear of entertainment. If view discretion becomes and issue...then trek has really mutated. I want my kids to watch trek with these sort of questions coming up. Give me the chance to decided when they exposed to this real life stuff. This isn't a slavery black/white issue, it's sex...and I think Star Trekk nemesis was creepy enough that I don't endorse kids watching it untill 15... But explaining what's going on to my daughter or son is not something I'll ever look highly upon when it shows up and I know it will.

The Crusher thing with the Trill was not as obvious.
But guys in most cultures don't kiss unless there is something more going on then friendship.
Well there already is plenty of sex in Star Trek, Elizadolots already pointed out, Kirk was always after the girl. And in most cultures, men don't kiss women unless there is something else going on there either.

But I'm not talking about including sex. Why not just a reference to a loving committed relationship?