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My only question would be how to you raise the topic or such a relationship casually without also calling attention to the character as "special" or different as an statement? That would seem to fly in the face of TREK's history of NOT labeling people with social prejudice or labeling.

I agree that TREK has never left sex out of the picture, but at the same time Kirk bedding some alien babes never constituted "relationships" for him, either.

Do the writers invent "the gay character" just to have one in the film? Was Uhura "the black one" on the bridge, or just another member of the crew? The only one I recall mentioning her color specifically was Abraham Lincoln, and he was a few centuries behind the times, literally.

I guess my point is: how do you tell if a crewman is gay or straight without making an issue out of it... and why would a 23rd century character do so? And will putting "the token gay" in the crew be satisfying or just pandering?

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