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Originally Posted by Elizadolots View Post
Andrew, I'll just say it now....I'm your biggest fan. I'll be here supporting you and this thread.

Of course, you do know that at this board, it's going to be a bit iffy, right?

I'll say that the movie producers will probably not be so bold as to make any of the established characters gay (despite reams of fan fic that makes perfect sense suggesting otherwise). However, it would behoove them to at least acknowledge a gay couple....It could be as simple as Kirk having to inform the surviving spouse of his husband's death during an away wouldn't take any extreme efforts on the part of the writers.

I think it's long past time that Star Trek The Franchise addresses this issue. Based on my friends, gays represent a large part of the Star Trek fan base so failing to address it would cowardly and rather offensive.
Thanks Elizadolots!

Yeah, even I would be annoyed if they changed the established sexuality of a previous character. But there will doubtless be new characters in the movie, there always are.