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Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
How about this:

In the future, nobody will care! I mean, only a handful of major characters have gotten their sexuality defined in ANY way, let alone had a romance on-screen.
You would have a point, but for the fact that actually every single main character has had their sexuality defined on screen. Be it by a date, or a conversation about longing for a certain member of the opposite sex or some similar occurrence. I have recently gone through and watched every single episode and movie, and had to check off as each major character has his or her (hetero)sexuality unambiguously defined. This is why it is so conspicuous that there is no gay character.

Considering that, to create a gay character purely to have a gay character would be terrible writing. How would it affect the story, unless you're making the story about how a gay character's gay?
You're right, it would be terrible writing. And I never suggested that. I suggested that we have a character who is there because he or she is a fantastic character. They should then just be incidentally gay or lesbian. Perhaps a subtle reference to a partner at home? As I specifically said in the OP, there shouldn't be a fuss about or a focus on the character's sexuality, it should be incidental.

I think the gay issue should be a complete non-issue in the future, like Picard's lack of hair. Like Roddenberry said about baldness in the 24th century: "Noone will care."
I absolutely agree. That's why we should have a normal, healthy homosexual character who is an interesting person in their own right and just so happens to be gay. Like they had Picard, who just happened to be bald.