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Originally Posted by Glacial View Post
How about this:

In the future, nobody will care! I mean, only a handful of major characters have gotten their sexuality defined in ANY way, let alone had a romance on-screen. Considering that, to create a gay character purely to have a gay character would be terrible writing. How would it affect the story, unless you're making the story about how a gay character's gay?

I think the gay issue should be a complete non-issue in the future, like Picard's lack of hair. Like Roddenberry said about baldness in the 24th century: "Noone will care."
That makes sense I guess.

I would hope that by the 23rd Century that not only is race, creed, and sex no longer an issue, that being gay or straight is not either. Everyone is treated as equals.

And TOS did a great job of combing different races and gender to all work together. No one was ever singled out for their race or gender, they here just treated as everyone else.

So, why single out a person that is gay just to show that they are gay?
That would be like saying "look, he is mexican. what now?".